We’d like to take a moment to invite you to participate in Cityview’s Best Of Des Moines annual poll. Voting time ends soon! We were happy to be considered The Best of The Best E-cig shops for 2015! We’d love to have you go vote to help keep the title at Central Iowa Vapors! We appreciate everyone’s support!

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We value all of you!!!

New Store Location

Address: 15960 Hickman Rd, Clive, IA 50325
Phone:(515) 987-0001


What is Central Iowa Vapor?

We offer several of the top quality brands on the market, and have a great selection to meet each individual persons vaping needs. Our e-cigs are harmless and do NOT contain the over 4000 harmful chemicals and carcinogens that regular analog cigarettes do. We carry some of the top electronic cigarettes and e-juices on the market and are getting new products almost daily.

The mission of the Central Iowa Vapors, LLC is to provide knowledge and services to ensure that customers will become life-long clients, as well as opportunities for providing education to the clients on vaping. In support of this mission statement, the overall goal of the Central Iowa Vapors, LLC is to achieve a high level of patron satisfaction. Employees are an integral part of achieving this goal. This appraisal should provide feedback to employees on their contribution in support of our mission. The appraisal will also provide employees with constructive comments regarding continuing education needs. The appraisal will provide the employees with specific examples of their strengths or weaknesses.

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